Extreme cold is on the way! Tips for your home!

Taking proper precautions before the extreme cold arrives could be the key to homeowners saving if not thousands on unnecessary repairs. See the article below for more tips to help keep your home safe!

Thanks to the Housing Act of 1980, most manufactured housing communities are modern, well-built, environmentally friendly, and easy to keep climate controlled. However, a little extra effort is required to completely winterize manufactured homes. The following tips will help you prepare your properties for winter. Doing so will help lower your energy bills and possibly prevent pipes from bursting as well as other disasters.

1. Reverse the ceiling fans
2. Inspect the water heater
3. Let the faucets drip
4. Never turn off the heat
5. Provide adequate skirting
6. Crack open closets & cabinets
7. Caulk doors, windows & more
8. Apply heat tape to water pipes
9. Seal ducts with tape, mastic or both
10. Read your manufactured home manuals
11. Make sure residents know their responsibilities

See the link below for a more in-depth explanation and reasoning for each one of these steps above. Stay warm and save more this year by taking preventive actions!

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